Reg.nb: SE58093/2015

Born: 24.11.2015

Sire: Lantaka Jack Freeman

Dam: Saltisgårdens China Girl

Show results: 2x exc, rallyobedience class 1.

Coat/Color: Rough, White/tan

Hight: 29cm

Teeth: Correct Sissorbite

Knees and eyes: Free, witout any remarks.

Trixie are born in sweeden, and came to us when she was a puppy.

Trixie are a true living fireworks, she is an alert missy who just loves to work and show off herself. And the head, and what's inside it is something we wish to have in our lines. 

As a puppy both Bir, Bim, and Big 3

Trixie has begun a career in rally obedience, so it's exiting to follow this little energybundle.

She has a fantastic lynne, a great mom and a superb member of the pack who really holds it together. She is the Family snuggle dog and lives at home With us.



Lantaka Jack Freeman


Saltisgårdens China Girl