What's happining at the moment?

Two big ones in a row, are we ready?

The weekend we have known about for a long time approaches fast, and for some of us it's the first time. Trixie, Boss, Bianca, and Ama are ready for a fun weekend at Lillestrøm. Dogs4All is coming up, and for Ama, it's her debut in the ring. Trixie looks forward to going back into the ring after a break. The siblings Boss and Bianca are getting ready, their everyday life is mostly stress free - but now we are training for the big show. We are so fortunate to have good help with showing Trixie and Bianca! Fingers crossed for a weekend with much fun and good spirit for all of us.

Just three weeks later Trixie, Boss and Bianca are going to travel to Stockholm. Stockholmsmässan 2018, here we come. Most likely, we will be more prepared this round than the previous one, because we get a little more experience with larger exhibitions.

Will we see you on any of them?

Of course, we will update with the results when the weekend is over.


Welcome to us, you handsome devil!

Finally, the time has come! We are in ecstasy to welcome our newest member! 

Tommy is coming all the way from Bulgaria, to live with us here in Norway. And he will fit right in here. He's a really beautiful boy, whom we look forward to getting to know and show. He will come to us mid November.