Reg.nb: CLP/JRT/4836

Born: 20.09.2018

Sire: Manhattan Du Vallon De L'Alba

Dam: Lessy Z Rhadu Pihlov

Show results: 2x exc

Coat/Color: Rough, Black/white

Hight: 25cm

Teeth: Full sissorbite

Knees and eyes: Knees free

Also called Okie.

This missy are born in Tsjekkia. 

We where so Lucky to have the possibility to get both her and her big Brother from Big Scotty's Dream Kennel. 

This is a little diva, we have high expectations for in the future.

Okie are a breed typical, little but tough Jack. What a funny and great lynne and we are exited for her to develop.

A big thanks to Michaela for trusting us With them!