Born: 14.09.2017

Sire: N SE Uch Lucky Jack Ufo

Dam: Saltisgårdens Morning Minnie

Show results: CACx2, BOB Junior, BOB

Coat/Color: Broken, white/tan

Hight: 28cm

Teeth: Correct sissorbite

Knees and eyes: Free, without any remarks.

Boss is born at home with us.

Boss is already shown alot, and enjoys the ring.

Boss are a powerfull and handsome Jack. He has a good engine, easy trained With a awake look in his eyes. But he alsow injoy alot of hugs. He is a great pack member and thru and thru a really kind and Sweet male.

He is available for suitble bitches who fills the criteria for the Norwegian Jack Russel Terrier Club.


N SE Uch Lucky Jack UFO


Saltisgårdens Morning Minnie