Reg.nb: NO 56879/17

Born: 14.09.2017

Sire: N SE Uch Lucky Jack Ufo

Dam: Saltisgårdens Morning Minnie

Show results: CACx2, BOS Junior and BOS

Coat/Color: Rough, white/tan

Hight: 29cm

Teeth: Correct sissorbite

Knees and eyes: Free, without any remarks

 Bianca is born at home with us, and to do a long story short. She was the fairytail with the ugly duckling. She was kept a little longer because of a small injury she got as a tiny puppy. Who could belive she has become the misses she is today.

Bianca has already been active in the exhibition ring, and it is definite a Place she loves. She loves to work and show of herself. She is so Lucky to have gotten what's inside her mother's head. And she carries it with pride.
She is a awake, funny miss with a good engine. She tries so well she can be a little boss, but it's not hard to get her down to earth. Bianca loves to be active, but is also very well on the couch if the opportunity is present.

Bianca lives with Linn, and together they are everywhere. But they are not far away, so we see her often and never get the chance to miss her.


N SE Uch Lucky Jack UFO


Saltisgårdens Morning Minnie