Need For Speed Big Scotty's Dream

also called Speedy

Thos handsome boy is born 19.06.2018 at Big Scotty's Dream Kennel in Tsjekkia.

He are after Manhattan Du Vallon De L'Alba og Azzia Big Scotty's Dream.

We where so lucky to get him to Norway the summer of 2019, and this a boy we are in love with.

He has a great drive, hunting lust, loves to learn and a great lynne.

Before Speedy came to Norway, he was hunt rewarded. And got approved for hunting on wildboar and small game. He was also showen in Tsjekkia with great results. Here in Norway the results have been Excellent, CQ and R.CAC.

a BIG THANKS to Michaela for trusting us with them!

He is available for suitble bitches who fills the criteria for the Norwegian Jack Russel Terrier Club.