Our names are Gunn-Eva Tryland and Robert Wold. We live in Hedmark, Norway, more specifically Eidskog. We live here with our son, two horses, a cat and what is our passion - Jack Russell Terriers.

Our story started with a puppy that we bought, which unfortunately died from us way too early. It took some time before we decided to get a new puppy, and after some research we found our dear Trixie. And since we had experience with breeding and a great love for Jack Russells, we chose to start showing and breeding these amazing dogs. We also chose to import a black and white variant to get those lines into our breeding plan as well.

This was the start of the beautiful journey with our dear Jack`s.

On the daily basis, Gunn is taking care of the dogs. Trimming their coats, ring training, exhibitions and general training of all the four-legged on the farm. Gunn is a positive lady with plenty of backbone and a great passion for animals. When Robert comes home for the weekend, he does not sit Down much. Then everything else will be done, he doesn't stay at home or in when something happens. He is always there when the dogs are going to shows or other places. He is definitely the one who spoils the "kids" of the house.

With us, we also have Our good friend Linn. She helps out with the daily care of the dogs, whenever she's around, she is also one of our dog handlers, helps with training, and often takes some of the dogs with her home. She takes even care of our homepage. Linn do lighten Our day a bit extra when she's around. She is Ildstormens Bianca's human mom and wherever we are, they are never far away.

We do a lot of preparation before breeding our dogs, in order to ensure as good, healthy and race typical offspring as possible. For us it is important to develop the breed in the right direction. With us, the dogs are not "only an animal with either a good or a bad label", for us all of our  dogs are family members. Everyone takes turns to sleep in our bed, running with the horses and sometimes even be allowed to beg at the table. The puppies grow up in the living room with us until they are ready for moving in with their new families. We believe this is important in order to get a well socialized puppy.

We are a member of The Norwegian Terrier Club and we are following the guidelines of "Breedersclub of Jack Russell Terrier" and the rules set by NKK for breeding.

We would also like to give a big thank you to Angie at Cumbreck Kennel, and Ingrid at Saltisgården Kennel for all help, good cooperation and a lot of good dog talk through.

"Breeders who focus on racing the breed, finding the right dog for you and supporting you if you need it. The puppies are well socialized with a super lightning. We have a great Collaboration"

Linn Jeanett H. Lilletjernbakken


"As first-time dog owners, we had a thousand questions, and yet after a year they answer all our questions. They are a huge support. We got the world's most beautiful dog that is curious, rampant and full of energy that definitely chases the instincts. We recommend the Fire Storm kennel to all "

Benita Fagervoll Pettersen


" Breeders who are genuinely interested in their expensive doing a great job and very nice people. We got a very well socialized, harmonious and safe puppy into the family. "

Elisabeth Brudeseth Johansen