Reg.nb: PK41826/18

Born: 15.10.2017

Sire: U-Big Boss Z Hradu Pihlov 

Dam: Cumbreck Lady Elsa

Show results: 2x exc

Coat/Color: Broken, white/tan

Hight: 27cm


Knees and eyes: Free, without any remarks

Megan is born in Bulgaria and we travelled down to pick her up when she was old enough to travel.

Megan is calm, and relaxed on the outside. But on the inside she is a huge guard dog. She is energyball, who loves to work. But she maybe loves the cuddles and coutch even more from time to time. But one thing is sure, Megan always has the eyeliner on fleek, as any lady with attitude should have.

Megan has part-ownership with Cumbreck Jack Russells in Bulgaria.