eller Tommy, som han kalles. 

Tommy is born 21.04.2015 and are after the world winner in 2012 Jessica Z Hradu Pihlov og Saltisgårdens Braveheart.

Tommy is a big ladies man, a true charmer and he knows what looks to give to get what he wants. He is a careful dog, but in his right element he really shines. Tommy is a boy who likes to show off, and maybe sometimes to mutch. But that's the comments from the jugdes, so we take that With a smile. And one more thing we have to say, he loves the kids!

Tommy are showen in Ireland and Bulgaria With great critic and several green stars. In Norway he has already Excellent, CQ, 2xCAC, BOB and Bim.

Tommy are imported from Bulgaria to us the fall of 2018 and he gives us so mutch joy.

Knee and eyes 0/0

He is available for suitble bitches who fills the criteria for the Norwegian Jack Russel Terrier Club.